Ondam restaurant on Mary St

This restaurant situated right in the heart of CBD, and became busy as the night draws in. The staff was attentive and helpful. Among the many choices they have on their menu, we ordered two dishes:

1. Seafood noodles:

The seafood sauce was delicious with a good level of spiciness. Valerie loves spicy food and for her it was just right. For Dory who cannot eat too spicy, she found the spicy level is acceptable and not too spicy.

The meal was brought on a hot plate, with the noodles cooked perfectly – not too soft or undercooked. There were more clams and mussels than other type of seafood. The clams had a bit of a sandy texture. There was also some prawns, fish and calamari. For seafood lovers, this is highly recommended. It also had some veggies. A good amount of seafood proportion to noodles.

As all Korean restaurants do, there was a side of Kimchi and picked onions.

2. Crispy fried chicken marinated in sweet chilli sauce

This dish allowed us to choose between garlic and soy sauce, and sweet chili sauce. We chose sweet chili sauce in the end, although the waitress suggested that this dish in garlic and soy sauce was more popular.

The deep-fried chicken looks and tastes wonderful. It’s crispy with great crunch and supper tasty. Would definitely recommend it. The pieces of fried chicken were big enough for portion size. The dish has a combination of chicken legs, wings, maryland pieces.
The whole dish generally is quite a big portion in terms of its size, so it definitely needs to share with your friends. We had to take-away as the noodles were also a big portion. The two dishes may be good to share among three people. There was some fried chilies accompanying the dish and they were delicious too!

It was accompanied by a small side of some cut-up lettuce, cucumber and a mayonnaise-like dressing. That dressing was sweet. It’s not your usual expected sour salad dressing. Unfortunately we found a small flying insect inside the salad but it wasn’t enough to ruin the chicken as the salad was in a separate bowl.

The meal in total only costs $42 in total. What a satisfactory and delicious meal we had.


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