Little Clive Cafe in Annerley

We arrived at this Little Clive Cafe around noon time, the cafe wasn’t too busy. We sat down with an attentive waitress coming to give us the menu and another waiter asking if we wanted to order anything to drink first. The customer service was good and the staff friendly. 

We ordered their waffle of the month, which is waffle with maple-glazed bacon, sprinkled with caramel popcorn, smoked chocolate sauce, fairy floss, finishing with strawberry pieces around the plate.

The chocolate sauce did have a nice smoke flavour that was not too overpowering. It did go well with the waffles, better than the sticky maple syrup. The sauce was also not too sweet and it seems they used good quality chocolate.

The waffles were crunchy and well cooked. It had a crispy exterior and soft interior. It was sweet enough to enjoy with the sauce. The double portion was good for two people to share and more worth the price.

We were both a little disappointed that the syrup was so sticky. It was not pleasurable in the mouth. The thick syrup also stuck to the individual squares of the waffle and we were unable to spread it evenly over the waffle.

The maple bacon was very nice. Crispy bacon, a good combination of sweet and salty. The only thing we didn’t like was again the sticky sauce stuck to the bacon. It was hard to chew because it sticks to your teeth.

We also expected the popcorn to be more whole rather than crumbs.

The white fairy floss added a nice presentation to the plate.

It was indeed a combination of sweet items so be prepared for a sugar high! Having more strawberries or other berries would have been nice to balance off the sweetness of the dish.

You can order the waffle in single serving or double serving. Two of us share the double serving and it’s a good amount. Single serving – $15, Double serving – $20 (as of June 2017).


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